Eine verkürzte aber sehr wichtige Hintergrundliteratur, welche für die Erstellung des Shôninki gebraucht wurde. Die Titel sind mit einem dirketen Link zu Amazon versehen:

The Tao of Spycraft - Intelligence Theory and Practice in Traditional China - by Ralph D. Sawyer

The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China (History and Warfare) - by Ralph D. Sawyer

Legacies of the Sword - The Kashima-Shinryu and Samurai Martial Culture - by Karl Friday

Warriors of Japan - As Portrayed in the War Tales - by Paul Varley

Edojô oniwaban - Tokugawa shôgun no mimi to me - by Fukai Masaumi

Shingon - Japanese Esoteric Buddhism - by Taiko Yamasaki

Principle and Practicality - by Theodore de Bary

The World Turned Upside Down - Medieval Japanese Society - by Pierre Francois Souyri

Akutô no seiki - by Arai Takashige

Confucianism and Tokugawa Culture - by Peter Nosco

The I Ching in Tokugawa Thought and Culture - by Wai-Ming Ng

Shinobi to ninjutsu - by Yamaguchi Masanori

Hired Swords - The Rise of Private Warrior Power in Early Japan - by Karl Friday

Hagakure - The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai - by Alexander Bennett


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